Mulder is a 3 1/2 year old American Staffordshire Terrier – at least, according to his SPCA paperwork.

I picked up him February 15 from the Perkiomenville SPCA. I had originally gone in to look at another dog (who unfortunately was not a good match for our home & current pets) and on a whim asked to look at ‘Jaye’.

Jaye, now called Mulder, came with almost zero history. All I know is that he was picked up as a stray from Conshohocken and transferred north due to a facility fire. He was adopted out once before and returned a month later for “nipping” at his owner when she tried to drag him off a couch.

Mulder is a timid dog who isn’t quite sure how to ‘dog’. While super friendly and inquisitive, he doesn’t know how to properly socialize with other dogs. Mulder flinches if you pick up a stick and tries to run a few yards off if you throw it (think a throwing a stick for a dog). He cringes when you bring your hand down fast toward his head. I had a glimpse at his fear aggression a month after adoption, one night in the kitchen. He was cornered with loud noises, too many moving bodies, and when I shot in quick to grab him he spooked and tried to bite me, thinking he had to protect himself. With no where to go, his fight or flight response kicked in.  Currently, I am teaching working on desensitizing and teaching him he can trust me to take care of him.

Despite all that, he is a super silly, forgiving dog. I have never seen a pup more excited for his collar and leash (because OMG WALKS). He loves car rides. Calling him over is cause of huge celebration – he is just so happy to be the center of attention. Like all pits, he’s quite the cuddle bug. He completely ignores Honey and Kate when they start rough housing out on walks and is quick to forgive when you accidental collide.

I think he’s a diamond in the rough and am excited to see how his journey unfolds.