About Me

Mid-twenties. Equestrian. Bibliophile. True Crime fanatic.  I nurse an unhealthy attachment to my cat. If you believe in typing and astrology, I am an INFJ Scorpio.

Generically speaking, that should about cover it. The finer details are a bit…grittier. I’ll get there, eventually.

This blog originally began to chronicle my adventures into the world of Endurance riding. 2016 was an incredible year – Nakai and I spent the last 2 years getting our bodies acclimated to limited distance riding, and we kicked off 2016 with the 25 mile LD at Foxcatcher.  While it has detailed my horsey trials, it’s also turned into a platform for all of my animal adventures – the newest being a 3 1/2 year old American Staffordshire Terrier rescue I picked up in February 2017.


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