060. Success

 Tuesday evening was spent doing my best to tidy up his body clip and tackled his legs. I need much more practice (and a smaller set for face and legs) but overall it’s not bad. All that’s needed is two weeks of hair growth to hide some of my lines – especially on his white!

Here’s a before / after:

We have a few new spots too:

I always find new spots on Nakai, but these definitely take the cake for being the largest. They’re on either side. At first I was worried these spots were from saddle fit issues (if anyone recalls my worried posts after Foxcatcher). I wasn’t sure what was going on as his summer coat started to become flecked with white all over, and large roany patches on either side of him appeared. He was never back sore, scored A’s on his back at rides, and his many massages found his back/withers in great condition. He moves out beautifully, happily extends/shortens, and at this point I’m chalking it up to appaloosa genetics.

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