059. Clipping Woes

I should know better than to clip.

It starts out innocently enough. Nakai looks homeless in his 3″ thick winter coat. It’s sunny, the forecast calls for a week of 70 degree weather, and I know if I don’t get that hair off him it will fall out from a fungal growth.  It’s always the worst on his face – it falls out in clumps and doesn’t grow back in until June.

I certainly learned my lesson this time.

I thoroughly washed Nakai, waited for him to mostly dry, and began. He had a trace clip over the winter, but the majority of his coat grew in fully. His white hair is thicker and coarser than his brown. It bogged my clippers down completely; I literally could not get through it.

4 hours later and I had done the majority of his coat, minus the legs, and managed to butcher his hindquarters. I’d eaten my body weight in hair. Two days later and I’m still picking hair out of my eyeballs.

It’s supposed to hit 80 today, so Round 2 is tonight. Wish me luck.

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