058. Towpath

It feels like ago since Maria and I first made plans to trailer out. Inclement weather and other obligations made it impossible to do so – until yesterday. Naturally, mother nature dumped a few inches of rain on us Friday. Knowing the local parks would be a muddy, swampy mess, we opted for the canal.

It was a gorgeous day, sunny with temperatures in the upper fifties. The towpath travels along the Delaware Canal and features incredible views and homes. Some of them are built right into the rock. I would never feel comfortable living so close to the river (especially having seen how hide flood waters have been in years past), but the people who do keep up immaculate properties. Thankfully, it was not yet congested and we were able to get some fantastic stretches of trot and canter. We even managed to sneak in a 1/2 mile gallop.

We were tentatively worried when Maria pulled Beamer out and noticed he stocked up a bit on his right hind. It started coming down within a few minutes of cold hosing. Worst case scenario – if he feels off we head back. She put the compression sock on for the trailer ride and off we went.

Beamer looked great! He tracked up well and Maria said he felt awesome. She wanted to keep the ride around 8 miles since this was the first time he had been out since Spookarama and she wasn’t sure how fit he was. Nakai was thrilled to be out! He felt wonderful and rated well with Beamer. There wasn’t a single trace of competitiveness. Nakai doesn’t feed off Beamer the way he does with Rose, and they also have very similar strides. It was wonderful to cruise down the towpath in stride, laughing and talking.

Both horses devoured their post-ride mash and I spent the next hour brushing his winter coat. I cannot wait until temperatures stabilize enough to clip!

Here’s a 2 minute video of our ride today:



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