Nakai’s vet appointment was yesterday and relatively uneventful. The worst bit of it was teeth floating – according to my vet, he has teeth like concrete. It’s nice because he still has a good amount of tooth left despite his age, but an inconvenience in the sense it took her forever to float. He has a bit of a wave mouth as well, but she said overall his teeth looked good, he hasn’t lost any yet, and there wasn’t any bad hooks or anything to suggest an issue while eating.

We went over his feed:

  • Kai’s on  8 pounds of Sentinel Safe Start daily. It’s a higher protein feed to go with the more mature free choice hay. It’s higher in fat and moderately low in NSC
  • Soaked beet pulp (this is mostly for extra water in the guts)
  • His maintenance dose of MSM and 1/2 gram of bute daily for his ERU
  • 1 cup of oil daily

The vet assured me nothing was out of line, and if I wanted him to have more Sentinel he could. She also said he could have a bit more of the oil if he will tolerate it. We’re all leaning towards reducing his work load a bit and adding more feed, but otherwise there wasn’t anything glaringly obvious that she noticed.

I did have her pull blood to test for Cushings, just to be on the safe side. Nakai doesn’t exhibit any signs or symptoms of the disease, but the majority (about 80%) of older horses have it. Naturally, I’ve gotten myself in a full blown tizzy overthinking the possible Cushings diagnosis. While I’m hoping he doesn’t have it, realistically it isn’t the end of the world (or that difficult to manage).  I should have the results back by Monday.

We shall see.


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