051. Tales of Book Drunkard

One half of my life is equestrian endeavors, and the other half is an introverts dream: cats, hidey-holes, and books. A few friends have mentioned wanting to keep up with my conquests, and I’ve slung together a quick list of recent consumed novels:

  1. A Thousand Lives – Julie Scheerse
  2. Into the Woods – Tana French
  3. The Likeness – Tana French
  4. Faithful Place – Tana French
  5. Broken Harbor – Tana French
  6. A Haunting Winter – Dan Simmons
  7. The Devil in the White City – Erik Larson
  8. The Stranger Beside Me – Ann Rule
  9. Escape from Camp 14 – Blaine Harden
  10. The Profiler – Pat Brown
  11. Mindhunter – John Douglas
  12. Nevermore – Harold Schechter
  13. Children of the Night – Dan Simmons
  14. Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn
  15. Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn
  16. Dark Places – Gillian Flynn
  17. Depraved – Harold Schechter
  18. Those Across the River – Christopher Buehlman
  19. Neverwhere – Neil Gaiman
  20. The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde
  21. In a Dark, Dark Wood – Ruth Ware
  22. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – JK Rowling
  23. The Winter People – Jennifer McMahon
  24. Hell House – Richard Matheson
  25. Welcome to Night Vale – Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink
  26. White is for Witching – Helen Oyeyemi
  27. Stiff – Mary Roach
  28. Lyrebird – Cecelia Ahern
  29. The Invention of Murder – Judith Flanders

While I’ll read almost anything, I tend to veer towards true crime, murder mysteries, and psychological thrillers. Sci-fi and fantasy is hit or miss. I especially love historical fiction that has a supernatural, folklore, or occult edge to it.

The most engrossing book I’ve read on this list is probably The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon.  It has every element I love – a secret diary from the 1900’s with a terrible secret still wrecking havoc in today’s time. It has mystery, murder, psychological thriller, and is totally creepy.

I also highly recommend Tana French’s novels. I started with Into the Woods and immediately crushed on the Dublin Murder Squad. Tana’s characters are strikingly relatable, so uncomfortably human. The novels pull you in so tightly that returning to the real world leaves you blinking and dazed. I had severe book hangovers after each of them.

Currently, I have just started The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (thank you, Sarah!) I’m also awaiting my newest order from Thrift Books. Check them out! Orders of $10 receive free shipping in the US, and for every $50 you spend they send you a $5 coupon. You can snag all sorts of treasures, from textbooks to rare copies of your favorite novel. Their customer service rocks, and I usually purchase 4-5 books for under $15.

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