042. A case of the Mondays

Fun fact: Ever hear of Bob Geldof and The Boomtown Rats song “I Don’t Like Mondays”? The song was inspired by the Cleveland Elementary School shooting in 1979 by 16 year old Brenda Spencer. When asked why she did it, she replied, “I just don’t like Mondays.”

This morning started off badly for Ben.

  • I forgot to bring down the new kitty’s wet food bowl, so Ben had to look. This is bad for pre-coffee Ben.
  • Coffee maker hiccuped, leaving yucky coffee grounds in the pot.
  • Kitty peed on the kitchen floor

I wake up and he regales me with his morning adventure. I explain that punishing kitty for peeing outside the box won’t help – he is newly adopted and stressed. We agree that kitty does not get unsupervised time in the house until he is successfully using his litter box and a routine is set up.

I go out to warm up my truck and the dang thing won’t start. It tries to catch, I give some gas, it rumbles and then dies on me. Tried for another 5 minutes without luck. Contact my boss to let her know I’m not sure when I’ll be in (if at all) and ring Ben. It’s 9am before he can get back to me. New job means Ben cannot leave work. I frustratedly fiddle with my fuel reset (just in case), but am otherwise unable to do anything till Ben gets home.

Vacation day it is.

So I clean. And clean. And do laundry. And wrap Ben’s presents thus far. And supervise kitty and puppy as they get acclimated. And read.

I felt like a housewife anxiously waiting for her husband to come home (and fix Kevin). I would have prepped and started dinner, but this is supposed to be our Wing Night and there’s nothing in the house (I need to grocery shop).

Ben finally comes home and finally gets the truck running. Fuel pressure is fine, starter is fine, oils good… that leaves the battery. Turns out the battery is reading less than 12 volts with the truck off. Guess that’s the issue!


We are looking forward to Tuesday.


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