November is the best month.

Between birthday shenanigans and utilizing what little daylight we have, The past couple weeks have been a blur.

Ben and I sneaked off to enjoy Friday at the aquarium, tour the submarine, and slow down.

I zipped off to the barn Saturday for my annual birthday ride with Nakai. It was uncomfortably warm, but the unseasonable weather lured the rest of the ladies out of hibernation and we all rode. The ride was a mess; Nakai was hot, Shelly lost her phone, and Beamer was a wreck moving out with everyone. What was intended to be a working ride turned into splitting up to phone search and showing Maria techniques to get a better handle on Beamer’s behavior. Going from strictly reining to trail riding at speed with endurance horses has been a culture shock. Once he’s a little fitter and Maria has the tools to help him, he’s going to be a killer trail horse.

Sunday’s whooooosh wind made Beamer’s trace clip interesting…hair was everywhere! In my eyes, up my noise, and I’m sure I ingested some. I raced home to head over to Dad’s with Ben and the log splitter. We sawed, split, and stacked a truck load of wood to season in constant 20+ mph wind and snow flurries.

Strong whoosh wind finally begins to die down Tuesday, so I joined Mechele, Marina, and Theone for the rescheduled bareback Monday. Nakai, hot and squirrelly, made warm up interesting but I found the groove and a wonderful ride! He had a bit of a flailing transition from trot to canter up the hill out on the trail, but I sat that without issue and he came back to me nicely. Rose had gone zipping by us (it is hilarious watching Mechele sit her park trot) and I think he had a moment of “But she’s winning!!” flail. Marina says all four feet were places they should not have been, but I digress.

Apparently bareback needs to be scheduled more often, as my inner thigh abductors are shaky and sore.

Black Friday shall consist of riding at Nockamixon – this time with Lina! Mechele wants to get her fit and Jill is working on Rhev, so I’ll hopefully get the chance to get some decent working miles in with Maria and Shelly and stay out of their way.

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