This past week consisted primarily of easing Nakai back into work; he is sound and (understandably) bored. While he humors my ground work and tries hard (we’re polishing our verbal cues on his blind side), he was a bit of jerk for having been on vacation for two weeks.

He’s also mastered the “feed me pls” face and has been greedily working his magic on every passerby. Nakai is naturally a mouthy horse – he plays with my buttons and zippers, loves velcro, and spends his time molesting my clothes, hair, and shirt collars if I’m within reach. It’s most often spurned on by grooming; if you start rubbing his face or brushing him down, he reaches out to lick and repay the favor. He’s been a bit more obnoxious than usual, though, and I’ve been sure to tell everyone that he won’t die without cookies.

A couple easy nighttime rides proved he was ready for more, so I spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday riding. I was able to catch a 4 mile loop with Jen on Saturday out on the trail, and it worked as a perfect warm up and reminder to Kai that endurance season is over. Suitably annoyed that we were not going fast enough working hard enough, he jigged, gnashed his bit, and settled into an agreeable stroll.

Sunday we had quite the discussion schooling. He was on fire. He wanted to move out at mach 5 and had no patience for yielding or lateral work.  I spent the entire ride asking for him to soften and suppling, and by the end he was spongy and soft.  We also accomplished quite a bit of TOF, side passing, and some hip work. It was a great workout for us both.

I love having this goober back to normal.


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