Nakai’s off since Monday, and I’m pleased that his lameness is on the way out! Friday he looked much better and only had a slight hip drop. I scheduled a massage this morning for him, and Auntie Maria worked her magic while Kai dozed in the sunshine.

His entire right hip was out of whack! His loins were tight and ouchy, and it spread to his hip and down. When she massaged his hip groove and pushed up, she found what we believe is causing the issue! When I pushed and moved my fingers upward I ran into a shelf of muscles. It was probably the hardest packed muscle I think I’ve ever felt.

Maria worked on it and showed me how how it connected to his loins and the lower portion of his hindquarters, toward his hamstrings.  His muscles were twitching and firing like crazy! Kai was a bit unhappy, but Maria was able to work the rest of it out. She stretched him, and upon further inspection afterward showed me that the muscle was now broken up and felt normal.

I trotted Kai out again and the hip was much improved! Only a slight difference. This is a big relief. I’m planning on giving him some more time off in case, and another massage this weekend if necessary.



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