034. Mysterious Tweak?

Nakai had a couple days off from Green Lane (I like to give him a day off for every 10-15 miles we do) and I tacked him up last night for a light school in the ring.

Warm up was going great, and I paused to chat with Mechele for a few minutes. After maybe 5-10 minutes I asked Nakai to walk off and trot again. His first couple strides felt fine, but the next few were a series of head-bobbing lameness! I pulled him up quickly and popped off, thoroughly checking his legs. I couldn’t find any swelling, heat, or any other indication of an issue… so I move higher.

His stifles are fine, hamstrings fine… glutes fine… Upon my initial inspection, everything feels relaxed. I can’t find any tightness, knots, or anything that indicated an ouchie. Nakai was weight bearing on all legs. Mechele commented that she thought it was coming from his hind right, so I lunge.

He did not want to move out willingly and was not tracking up on that side. I trotted him down and back and was alerted that he was dropping his right hip noticeably. Mechele trotted him down for me so I could watch – and man, was it obvious! Stripping him of tack found no issues, and I free lunged him for a few more minutes to see if I could ascertain anything else. He started to work out of it after a few minutes of free lunge at the trot, and he willingly cantered, but it didn’t look quite right.

Sigh. What happened, Kai?

He didn’t trip or take a bad step… and now I’m wondering if something is pinched or tweaked. I’m leaning toward this being a muscle issue as he was working out of it after lunging.

I suppose I should be thankful this is actually my first lameness issue with Nakai. He is notoriously sound – he’s the type that will blow an abscess through the hoof wall and never take a lame step. He’ll get a few days off with monitoring to see if it clears up. If it’s not gone by the weekend he’ll get another massage from Maria and a vet call.


One thought on “034. Mysterious Tweak?”

  1. It could have just been something as simple as muscle-tightness in the area. Glad you were able to spot it asap though and it sounds like you are doing te right things to correct it. Hopefully he will be back in tip-top shape!


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