033. Green Lane

Saturday Maria and I loaded up our boys and headed out to Green Lane. Maria has previously only explored the red trail and, I was especially excited to show her the blue trail and the connector loop.

The blue loop is one of my favorites. It’s a twisting trail through the woods, the majority of it next to the lake. It’s rocky and full of tree roots and technical crossings – but that’s what makes it fun! If traveled at speed, it really makes the horses think. While Nakai knows this trail well, Beamer worked really hard and did an awesome job handling the technical footing. The water level was extremely low, too. I don’t ever remember both Nockamixon and Green Lane being this low before.

The weather was gorgeous, and I always love riding with Maria. I met her at my previous barn, and I am so glad she eventually joined me at Shadow Hill! We are also fortunate that Beamer and Nakai get along fabulously. They take turns bickering at one another in the field (such children), but they’re all business under saddle.

The only issue I had was that Nakai thought we weren’t moving out enough. I love this little horse for his work ethic, but his impatience can be challenging. I told him many times that “we wait for friends!” and eventually he settled. He was still bouncing off the walls after 12 miles.

I also ended up giving him a modified trace clip Sunday. I tried letting him go fuzzy (Nakai grows a super thick winter coat) but it’s just not feasible with his current fitness level and riding schedule. He was so sweaty and itchy at Green Lane that he flopped down and tried his best to roll with my saddle. When he’s truly retired he can go back to sporting the Fuzzy Yak, but until then a clip keeps both of us sane.


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