032. The Ankle Issue

ISO: New ankles. Refurbished OK, provided they retain optimal flexibility. Must be suitable for hundreds of miles in the saddle and work well despite having fabric bunched around them. Preferably looking for ones that won’t swell in summertime.


I’ve always had terrible ankles. While I’ve never broken them, they’ve been rolled more times than I can remember. My ankle joints are pretty pronounced as well, and I’ve whacked the knobby things just as often as I roll them.

Riding throws an interesting curve – I need tall(er) boots for ankle support while I ride (otherwise I have a tendency to roll them inward), BUT I cannot have anything bunched against the front of my ankles. It increases that already present tightness, and trotting for any  longer than 10 minutes results in my ankle going numb with shooting, burning pain going up the outside of my calf muscles.

Riding western with my Ariat ropers isn’t an issue, but they’re not geared toward long, fast miles. I need the support and protection my Terrains and half chaps provide when endurance riding. The downside? The thick shoe tongue and broke in half chaps bunch exactly where I don’t want them to. Combine that with the fact the breech companies seem incapable of providing short inseam breeches for us little folks, and I’ve got a wad of fabric setting my ankle ablaze.

I spend the first portion of a ride yanking the tongue of my Terrains up, trying to smooth out my half chaps and generally uncomfortable and irritated. Once I have everything set up perfectly – no pain! But getting to the point is tricky and sometimes I can’t figure it out. I finally had enough and cut the tongue out of my Terrains: Immediately they felt better, and I did a short ride in them last night to test the results. I had the usual irritation while warming up, but afterward – no pain! I can’t believe I didn’t do this earlier.

Apparently, I’ve also been missing out on bareback mondays with Marina and Mechele! I think I need to find my bareback pad and join the fun.



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