Nakai’s bridle and breast collar are complete, and I took him out for a quick ride to demo them both.

I’m a big fan of thick leather tack. Up until switching to endurance that’s all I would use, and even then I had a few disgruntled months before switching over to synthetic. I just love the way western work tack looks and feels. When I climb into my western, it’s like coming home. Nakai is the perfect work pony, and on my bucket list is still to bring him to a extreme trail clinic and some more cow work events.

With that in mind, I asked Mechele if it was possible to make a one-ear headstall for Nakai. She fiddled around with it, and the end result is damn near perfect. It fits him great, and I love that biothane won’t rub, never fades, and is easy to clean with soap and water. It comes in every color imaginable, and mechele even has a couple sets that glow in the dark. Either Nakai’s size is very similar to Rose or Mechele just knows, because I didn’t have a adjust a thing – I threw it on and we were good to go!

With my tack situation squared away, it’s time to pack the trailer (and pack.. and pack) and try not to let stress take away from my excitement. 9 days to go!



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