The Mustang entry is in the mail!


Five different lists have been made and my new tights came in yesterday.

I resisted purchasing any kind of breeches/tights for years. Knee patches give me rubs and the thought of paying over $80 for tights was absurd.


My $12 Walmart tights started giving me knee rubs after 20 miles. And they have a seam going down the inside… and I know 50 miles in them is just looking for trouble.  Riding Warehouse was having a sale, and after mooching off friends to try on their various models I decided to try the Kerrits IceFil. Of course, they wanted $82 for a black pair but the obnoxious ‘Huckleberry’ was available for $62 with free shipping. Sold.

I tried them on and bam – magical. I’ve never had a pair of breeches or tights fit as well as they do. I did a 5 mile ride in them last night, and it’s like sweet baby Jesus himself blessed these pants. Beyonce took one look and whispered “fierce“.

And the pockets I was previously ambivalent about? They’re amazing too.

We’re doing a training ride at the Canal this weekend, so I’ll get to put 20-25 miles on them and see how they hold up. My other endurance friends say they won’t ride in anything else, so here’s hoping I have just as wonderful results as they do.


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