Gorgeous weather this weekend meant an abundance of training rides at home. We were a bit slack in trimming trees and creating trails around the corn fields this year, so this nixed a couple fields from our normal loops. This has created expectations for Nakai, who thinks he has figured out the new loop pattern.  After his last ditch attempt to dive into the woods trail (I wanted field, he tried for woods), it turned into a game. I’ll let him power trot through the shortcut home only to turn the opposite direction and head back out. Our loop has turned into zigs and zags of surprises to try and keep his brain thinking.

At one point, we stopped at the continually shrinking pond to drink and sponge off. As I flung my sponge leash out into the water, I watched as my sponge leaves the leash, soaring through the air and landing in the pond. There wasn’t any way to get it while on Kai, so I dismounted, clinging to his side like a rock climber while trying to ease my way into the water. I knew it was shallow, but wasn’t sure how shallow… and the mud is a red clay mixture that turns into cement.

Pretending to ignore me trudging out of the mud, calling for him. This was after I saved my sponge – I was trying to clean my boots (to no avail)

The aftermath… what I couldn’t get off!

I try to drop gently, but instead splash down, both feet stuck in the mud and my entire bottom half sopping wet. It was deeper than anticipated. I’m doing a jig to keep my own feet from sticking as I retrieve the sponge and notice Nakai has left me! He’s standing on the dry bank, leg cocked, watching with what I swear is an amused expression. My Ariats and half chaps are slick with mud, my breeches are drenched, and I’m stinky. I did one more pathetic mile before deciding that riding in wet breeches is not for me and began for home.

We came across Mechele and Rose on our travels home, and this woke Nakai up. He motored through the last two miles of our ride as if he was suddenly all business. He cracks me up; add a friend and he suddenly doesn’t have time for shenanigans. At home we marched over to the newest herd member, and Nakai thoroughly molested the front half before deciding grass was more interesting. Rose was not sure about it, and we had a giggle watching the dragon mare snort and eye the skeleton suspiciously.

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