023. Planning for Mustang

The last couple weeks have been spent mainly organizing my thoughts and planning for Mustang. Kevin’s being painted this weekend, and Nakai and I are back in our riding groove. I complain about any kind of weather above 70 degrees, but he’s been working beautifully in this most recent stretch of heat and humidity. We’re averaging at least 5 miles per ride in an hour (and often less). I want to get out on at least one (hopefully two) training ride before Mustang.

Endurance rides are a completely different ballgame than regular horse shows. Unless you have a LQ trailer, you are basically rough camping with your horse. Although I planned well for Foxcatcher, I still came away with a list on ways to improve on my set-up and camping. Despite the learning curve, I gleaned some valuable tricks from Mechele and have a much better idea of what a weekend away entails. For those who don’t know, “Camp” is usually just a huge field. Ride management normally provides dinner the night before, but outside of a few breakfast goodies the morning of the ride there isn’t anything else provided. You are responsible for anything you may need… and when in doubt, pack three of everything! I’m hoping weather for Mustang will be nice. I changed no less than 4 times at Foxcatcher due to rain, snow, and ice. I love to play in water, but I loathe being wet.

In between rides, I am creating lists and hoarding totes. Lists for me, for Kai, and another list for Ben and Honey! Grocery list. List of essentials. Of non-essentials. We picked up an awesome tent at Cabelas. I am looking forward to a cozy camp site and listening to Kai destroy his hay all night long.

A quick test set-up!

I have my tack situation figured out, and I hopefully won’t have to pack six different blankets for Nakai. His hydration is great, he’s now over a year ERU flare-up free, and he looks fantastic. We feel on track, and I am really looking forward to having a fun ride. Right now it’s just myself and Mechele riding, but we’re crossing fingers Shelly will also be able to attend. Ben’s coming along as crew and cheerleader, and Jill has also decided to come play Crew Mommy and Professional Chef! Mostly, though, I am very curious to see how Nakai works with Rose over the course of 50 miles, especially on new trails. I’ve been warned the endless repeat sand and pine trees gets old (and boring) fast, but I’m so excited for this adventure that I don’t think I’ll mind.


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