022. A wrench in the works

Remember my plan for Hector?



Another  project I’ve been working on is Kevin. Kev’s my 2001 F-150. He’s my reliable farm truck, puppy-mobile, and gas guzzler. If stacked right, I can get 42 bales of hay in one load, and perhaps most importantly – he is the only thing left I have from my mom. She died in 2009 and despite (to put it mildly) our tumultuous relationship, Kevin’s both nostalgic and sentimental. And he needs to last at least another 5 years. I do not want a new truck payment yet (I am saving up for a “Gary”).

Ben has helped me replace many items on the truck, most recently being rear shocks, rocker panels, and cab corners. I’m still chasing a noise we think is coming from my CV joint, but otherwise all that’s left is a face lift… and he was scheduled to be painted over Labor Day weekend. Of course, I can only comfortably afford one or the other, so the ride has to wait. I am incredibly bummed, but getting Kev painted will finally cross him off the to-do list and be a big stress reliever.

While the financial aspect was the major deciding factor, there are some other significant considerations. Nakai is in great shape, but I’m trying to add a few more pounds on him since fall (and winter) will be here shortly. Last year he dropped a bit of a weight quite suddenly after Christmas, and (while he picked it back up right away) I want to prevent that from happening again.  I had also learned some disconcerting and alarming information about a friend’s behavior toward her horse. Originally, there was the possibility I may be riding with them at Hector. I am unwilling to put my horse in that kind of stressful situation, nor do I want to gamble possibly wasting my entry money and not be able to finish the ride on time due to the consequences of the poor decisions someone else made.

For now?

School, go on training rides… and enjoy the old man. I’m feeling a bit defeated, but that will pass. The next ride is Oct. 1, Mustang Memorial. I told Ben I was going Jersey no matter what.

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