Temperatures this past week or so have been excruciating. Almost every day has been in the 90’s with heat indexes near or above 100 ( and high humidity). We are still severely lacking in rain. Rides have consisted of light schooling, refreshing on our lateral movements and hip work. The ground is hard, hooves are cracking, and my allergies have been out of control.

So, when I see the temperatures dropping and with it rain, I feel like a spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum. But Mother Nature, I wanted to do horsey things!! Your timing sucks, woman.

Since this weekend looks like a washout, I can hopefully spend some quiet time babying him. I took for granted my late teens and early twenties; I used to ride and then spend hours grooming, hanging in his paddock, and playing with him. I would drive to the barn after a fight with a boyfriend and climb on, murmuring to him as he grazed. I was also spoiled enough to board at a private farm as the only boarder. Since moving to actual boarding facilities, I relish the rare day when I’m completely alone. Nakai’s 25, and despite being in the best shape of his life, I don’t know how long I have left with him. It breaks my heart to think this way, and I feel guilty when work or home obligations take precedent.




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