Nakai had a week off after our training ride, and I took the opportunity to catch up on a few things at home. Our kitchen is almost finished and my reading nook is one step closer, too.

Meanwhile, Kai had his feet done and had a massage scheduled. I put a ride in on one of the babies, and we ponied Blossom a couple times for a bit of confidence boosting. I wish I could feel the energy Kai gives off; he is quite literally the “security blanket” for the majority of the horses he goes out with. Everyone seems to enjoy buddying up with him, and by the end Blossom was ponying confidently off him. We introduced her to the scary, muddy pond and across various obstacles. Working with the babies reminds me just how far he has come (from a nasty little appy I didn’t even like) and how broke Nakai really is. In a whirl of emotions I’m tearfully thankful for my little tugboat.

The weather has been hot. So, so hot. And humid. I think I’m dying.

Kai’s massage found him in great shape, and he got a chance to run around with Beamer and Rose for a few minutes in the ring.  Nakai hates summer almost as much as I do, so he gets a few more days off while I hide inside until the heat subsides.


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