018. Of Mashes and Mixes

(and electrolytes too)


I bit the bullet last night and bought a five pound container of Apple-A-Day. My research of electrolytes was helpful, but didn’t highlight the best way to give to Kai (or which brand he will like). Without knowing which method worked best, I figured starting at square one wasn’t a bad place to begin. Kai already gets a bunch of goodies mixed into his feed to control his ERU, so I’m assuming one more odd-tasting supplement won’t be a big deal. Also, for those of you wondering, it didn’t taste half bad. It was a bit of a shocker as I stuck the majority of my tongue into it, but I digress…

I picked a couple syringes up too. The plan is to pack one premade into my saddle bag and dose him halfway through the rides (or whenever I think it’s needed). I may even fill the second one up with applesauce or some other delicious treat so he doesn’t anticipate the paste every time the syringe is brought out.

I also picked up a bag of the Cavalor Mash & Mix. Nakai always looks forward to his yummy  mash after our rides. Between the supplement and the mash, I’m hoping to see a marked improvement in his hydration.  We have a training ride planned tomorrow to ride at least 25 miles (preferably 30), so we shall see.




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