An Update on Suspicious Spots & Shiny things


It’s been a little over a month since I last posted about the roaning spots that appeared on Nakai. I changed pads and monitored both areas. They were never sore and I watched as the entire area began to roan out. It’s hard to pick up in pictures, but he’s starting to roan lightly everywhere! (*sob*) At this point I feel comfortable that it’s not a saddle fit issue.

We’ve also figured out a 5 mile loop at home that’s been perfect for working on our average speed. Nakai’s trot is coming along fantastic!  In the next month or so the plan is to add more canter work. We’re at the point where we can comfortably do over 5 miles in 50 minutes, and I no longer feel the need to ride conservatively. I’m constantly amazed at his fitness level and desire to work at 25 years old.

Today was no exception, and we did our loop early to beat the heat. I also decided to clip him again. Nakai grows a 3″ thick winter coat, and his summer coat is still thicker than your average quarter horse or thoroughbred. Since he does not have the advantage of quick recovery times like his Arabian friends, clipping will definitely help. His white hair is also much coarser than his chestnut. About halfway through the clipping process I’m frustrated, covered in hair, and feeling extremely thankful that he’s not all white!

I still have to do his head, and I’m debating on whether to clip his legs or not. He’s on pasture board and while he wears his fancy fly sheets and equivizor mask, I don’t think it’s fair to clip his legs and give the flies an easier ability to bite.

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