Same old shtuff

The last few weeks have been a last ditch effort to create some sense of normalcy before this previous weekend and this upcoming weekend come screaming toward us. On top of prepping for the wedding and ensuring my details were covered, Ben was busy prepping for his car club’s annual show.

Naturally, instead of taking that time to relax, we opted to cram as many activities as possible into a two week period. What little spare time we had after work was spent on ponies, mini-trucks, and continual improvements to our home. We were also lucky enough to have some great days to hike, so we took advantage before the real heat and humidity set in.

There hasn’t been much to update on Nakai, but that’s mostly because it’s been the same routine for the past month now. I’ve had too many weekend obligations preventing us from trailering out anywhere. Once this weekend is over, I’ll be able to look forward to an uninterrupted spree of training rides before Muckleratz.

A couple of the other barn ladies have expressed interest in doing limited distance rides, so I’ve been riding with them quite frequently to help get their horses fit. We were also lucky to squeeze in a ride with M and Rose after their vacation period from Rhode Island. Kai just adores Rose, and they have a terrible (read: fun) habit of feeding off each other on rides. Since their both pathetically competitive, riding at home is always a blast.

Apologies for the ginormous video – I haven’t yet been able to figure out how to upload a small version.


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