I haven’t had much ambition to write lately.

I loathe summer. The heat, humidity. . . the chafing, the smells. . .  It’s not for me. For the most part, I’m miserable. Of course, our hectic pace doesn’t cease during the summer. I spend all day running around only to drop on the couch and pass out moments later.

I smell like a mixture of liniment, fly spray, and sunburn.

This week was spent getting more miles on Nakai and trying to acclimate to the humidity. I’m extremely pleased that we’re doing much better than last year.



Saturday we loaded up the pup and got an early start on our date hike! I love that we both enjoy hiking and adventuring. One of my favorite things to do is to get in the truck and drive somewhere new.


The Falls trail is a 7 mile loop highlighting the majority of the waterfalls at Ricketts Glen. It was very hot and humid, but the trail is only a few feet from the water pools.  The strangest aspect was some of the people we passed on the trails. Hiking at Ricketts Glen is more technical – there are maaaany rock steps and slippery slopes close to the waterfalls. Some are moss covered and slick. We seemed to be the only people prepared to hike the entire loop. We passed people in bathing suits, sandals, and a couple girls without shoes.





Despite the growing hoards of people flocking onto the trails from rt. 118 and Lake Jean, it was totally worth it. I can’t wait to see the trails highlighted in autumn colors.







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