Saddle Update & Training Rides

After finding the suspicious roaning spots on Nakai, I switched pads and have been watching the spots carefully. They haven’t gotten larger, he still isn’t back sore or otherwise sensitive, and he sweats evenly. His Masseuse assures me he’s fine, so for right now I’m monitoring the situation.

I’m also working on two goals: find Nakai’s most efficient gait and boost my confidence in regards to his fitness level. I rode extremely conservatively at Foxcatcher – I  worried about pushing him too fast and for too many miles. Despite my reservations we finished with plenty of time (and did not turtle!). Ever since, I’ve been working on staying out of Nakai’s way and letting him learn to rate himself. We’re up to 6 1/2 miles of a steady working trot (with the goal to trot 10 miles before needing a break). He’s also making huge improvements to his competitive streak and is losing interest in the other horses “beating him”.


In other news, I’m back on the search for a brand of bell boots that will hold up to Nakai’s abuse. My latest (and favorite pair… *sob*) of Davis bell boots had velcro ripped off after barely 2 months of use.


2 thoughts on “012.”

  1. I enjoy the fact you call your body worker a masseuse. 😛

    Also, what brands of bell boots have you tried? I don’t use them as much as you probably do, but maybe could offer some helpful insight?


    1. Lol well all Maria does is massage therapy so I like to call her by her fancy name 😋

      I have used Roma, Davis, weaver, and tough-1. I cannot use no-turn bell boots because he gets rubs. I just bought a pair of neoprene horze ones, so I’ll see how those go. I’m tossing around the idea of using the pull ons, but at holds and vet checks at the endurance rides I have to strip all leg gear, and I don’t know how difficult it would be to get pulls on on/off multiple times at a ride.


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