One of the (many) faces of Nakai. He is pretty low in the herd hierarchy but once in a while breaks out the stinky face. He and his buddy Beamer boarded together at our previous barn. They spend their days bickering at each other like the children they are.


After two weeks off after Foxcatcher, Nakai went back to work yesterday. We warmed up in the ring and hit the trails for a quick loop. We had a brief discussion about softening his face and moving his hips. Nakai’s right side is his stiffer side, although I wouldn’t necessarily call it stiffness. His right eye is blind, and he’s a little more reluctant to give and bend right away. He can bend all the way around to his hip, so I don’t buy the “Oh I caaaaan’t do this! It’s hard!” routine he occasionally tries.

The farmer was out tilling, so our loop was kept to the two immediate fields and scooting our way through the woods. I absolutely love how different the trails look with the changing seasons. They feel different, too.



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