I’m feeling continually out of place with some friends and acquaintances, especially lately. Every time I get together with a specific group, it’s two hours spent complaining about their job, their boyfriends, and how they’re apparently entitled to money, time, and attention. It’s Ground Zero for nagging women jokes and drama queen memes.

What’s worse – if you have nothing to add, you get told gems like “just you wait” and “you’ll be next” – as if the downfall of my relationship or career is something they’re looking forward to… a little bit of retribution for not having anything to bitch about.

I have a career I enjoy. I have an incredible relationship, and we’re laying the foundation to build our own empire together. Why can’t I enjoy what we’re creating? Why does there need to be something to complain about?

You’re so bland. How is it so difficult to say anything nice about someone? When did it become cool to be completely uninterested in anything? Why don’t you have hobbies? How do you waste so much time judging people who admittedly have absolutely no impact on your life?

I’m learning that there is no longer a suitable place for me in your life.

And that’s A-OK.


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